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Sean M MorrisSean M. Morris

Sean Morris’ determination and persuasive character make him a true advocate for his clients. He is driven, results-oriented, and focused on resolution. His level-headed mindset allows him to see both sides of the situation, play devil’s advocate, and consistently choose the path for his client which leads to the most successful outcome.

While his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering is different from most attorneys’ undergraduate studies, it has actually worked to Sean’s advantage. Sean’s ability to creative problem solve and listen to others has substantially contributed to his successful law practice, which is predominately litigation-based.

His problem solving skills, teamwork, and leadership help him manage his clients’ cases from start to finish. He is able to successfully overcome obstacles for clients- keeping an open mind about key issues his clients are facing, and effectively persuading either the adverse party to settle, or the jury to rule in his client’s favor.