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History And Philosophy

Williams Law Firm, P.C., has been successfully litigating cases in Montana for more than 40 years. Founding attorney Shelton C. "Mike" Williams followed in the footsteps of his father, who was a lawyer in the small Montana logging town of Libby. Mike began his practice in 1967 serving clients throughout Montana in the defense of civil litigation. He tried more than 100 civil cases to verdict during his career, and was regarded as one of the best defense trial lawyers in the state.

From the beginning, the lawyers at Williams Law Firm have served individuals, businesses, professionals and insurance companies doing business in Montana. Today, the lawyers at Williams Law Firm continue the tradition of specializing in litigation and trial work. We have extensive courtroom experience and try a number of cases each year - ranging from simple automobile accidents to complex trials that last four weeks or more.

Williams Law Firm has the expertise and resources to fully handle lawsuits no matter how small or how large and complex. Over the years we have proven our ability to litigate major cases successfully against the largest firms in the country. At the same time we've strived to remain small enough to be responsive to the particular needs of each client.

Many of our institutional clients have been with us for 20 years or more. We attribute this to our efforts to identify quickly and inexpensively those cases that should be settled, and by working with our clients to effectuate early and economical settlements of most cases. If a case cannot be settled for a reasonable amount, opposing attorneys know that our firm is prepared to go to trial and that we have a tradition of securing favorable results. We strive to minimize the cost of litigation by identifying quickly those cases that should be settled early, and those that require additional discovery, motions and courtroom work.

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Williams Law Firm represents individuals businesses, and governments across the entire state of Montana, including the communities of Missoula, Hamilton, Polson, Kalispell, Helena, Butte, Great Falls, Bozeman, Billings, and eastern Montana. Our Missoula office is conveniently located in downtown Missoula near both the Missoula County Courthouse and the U.S. District Court for the District of Montana. We also maintain a Bozeman office to serve clients in central and eastern Montana. Attorneys in all offices may be contacted through the Missoula office.

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